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Legal innovation and communication for telecom infrastructure company

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Harmoni Towers Posted by: Harmoni Towers 2 months ago

The telecommunications industry is heavily regulated, constantly evolving, and subject to complex legal issues. In-house attorneys must be able to navigate diverse legal challenges, such as regulatory compliance, intellectual property issues, privacy concerns, contract negotiation and drafting, and emerging technologies.  

Successfully managing these challenges requires a deep understanding of the industry, strong legal knowledge, and effective communication and collaboration skills. 

Luckily for Harmoni TowersKimberly Calcasola has years of experience she brings daily as the company’s senior vice president and general counsel.  

Harmoni Towers builds and owns crucial communications infrastructure across the U.S. Based in Charlotte, NC, Calcasola is a key figure driving the company’s operational efficiency and strategic direction.  

“I have a dual focus: supporting the company’s business development and marketing efforts and refining contractual agreements to bolster our position within the dynamic telecommunications landscape,” Calcasola tells Vanguard during an interview in March. 

With an awareness of current market dynamics and an understanding of the relevant legal intricacies, Calcasola supports Harmoni’s initiatives to amplify its market footprint. This entails augmenting the company’s customer and partner outreach efforts and devising strategies to enhance its visibility and appeal to potential clients. Through meticulous planning, execution and inter-departmental collaboration, she helps to ensure that Harmoni remains at the forefront of industry trends, capturing new opportunities by being easy to do business with and fostering sustainable growth. 

Simultaneously, Calcasola channels her expertise into optimizing contractual agreements, recognizing their important role in shaping the company’s relationships and operations. Leading her team with finesse, she navigates the complexities of telecommunications contracts, adeptly balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders and aligning them with Harmoni Towers’ strategic objectives.  

“By fostering collaboration and innovation within our legal team, I can facilitate the development of robust contractual frameworks that safeguard the company’s interests while fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with our landlords, carrier customers and supply chain,” she explains.  

Driving growth 

Calcasola steps outside the boundaries of a traditional general counsel by participating directly in key projects, like Harmoni’s enhanced marketing efforts to promote its existing asset portfolio. Additionally, she oversees negotiations of all contracts that collectively form the circulatory system of any tower infrastructure operator.  Leveraging her twenty years of experience in telecom, Calcasola ensures all of Harmoni’s thousands of bespoke agreements with carriers, property owners and supply chain partners align with current market conditions, investor expectations, and Harmoni’s operating mandates, all while considering the wireless carriers’ network needs. 

Mindful of operating economics, Calcasola actively seeks opportunities to reduce costs, overseeing programs that allow Harmoni to buy out properties instead of leasing land. She contributes to the company’s overall efficiency and value by eliminating ongoing expenses while meeting partners’ needs. 

Additionally, Calcasola recognizes the benefits of cultivating robust partnerships with external experts and legal firms. Harmoni’s success hinges on its ability to leverage the expertise of third-party professionals, particularly in navigating complex legal landscapes and strategic decision-making. Calcasola’s strategic selection of legal partners, such as the Law Offices of Sher Garner Cahill Richter Klein & Hilbert, LLC and Prince Lobel Tye LLP, underscores her commitment to fostering collaborative relationships built on trust, reliability, and shared objectives. 

Outside of her professional endeavors, Calcasola is passionate about promoting female leadership in the legal and corporate world.  

“I truly believe in the power of diverse perspectives, and I actively encourage women on my team to pursue career advancement,” she says.  

For the rest of 2024, Calcasola is spearheading several impactful initiatives for Harmoni Towers. These include an exhaustive audit of the company’s license and lease agreements across its 2,000-tower portfolio, as well as a comprehensive file organization and consolidation project aimed at optimizing operational efficiency. These initiatives demonstrate her commitment to ensuring the company’s success and continued growth in the telecommunications industry. 

Leadership excellence 

Calcasola exemplifies remarkable leadership that permeates through various facets of the organization. At the helm of the legal department and overseeing the unique real estate and contract functions integral to a tower infrastructure developer like Harmoni, Calcasola’s influence extends far beyond traditional legal roles. 

Central to Calcasola’s leadership philosophy is her unwavering commitment to assembling and retaining top-tier talent. She approaches talent acquisition with a meticulous focus on quality over quantity, preferring a lean, high-performing team in which she can empower and invest. This approach ensures that each member of her team is not only competent but also aligned with Harmoni’s overarching goals and values.  

“We have a rigorous interview process that offers prospective employees a comprehensive understanding of Harmoni’s operations and culture,” Calcasola explains. 

Time to do everything on her plate requires great organization and time management skills.  

Calcasola adeptly allocates her time to supporting key strategic initiatives, mentoring team members and managing risk and compliance requirements. Much of her time is dedicated to driving Harmoni’s strategic vision forward, collaborating closely with other executive management team members to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities.  

“I find fulfillment in witnessing the tangible outcomes of my team’s efforts. The realization of long-term projects and initiatives is a testament to their collective dedication and expertise,” she says.  

Throughout her career, Calcasola has confronted numerous challenges, including demonstrating her value as a multifaceted contributor to the organization. As a legal professional, she understands the importance of transcending traditional legal roles and actively engaging in strategic decision-making processes extending beyond legal frameworks. Calcasola firmly believes that a capable general counsel should offer legal expertise and contribute strategic insights, creative solutions, and business acumen to drive organizational success. 

Climbing the leadership tower 

Calcasola’s journey to success is marked by her determination, versatility, and commitment to excellence. With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a JD from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, her educational foundation prepared her for a career in law. 

Initially drawn to becoming a pediatrician, Calcasola’s path shifted during college, leading her to pursue law school instead. Her natural inclination towards negotiation and problem-solving made law a fitting choice. While briefly considering a career in a sports agency, she ultimately found her calling in an in-house role, where she could focus on serving the organization as her sole client. 

Joining Harmoni Towers in October 2020 as vice president and general counsel, Calcasola quickly demonstrated her expertise and leadership abilities. Within just a few years, she was promoted to senior vice president and general counsel—in May 2023—a testament to her dedication and impact within the company. 

“The telecom infrastructure business is the backbone of the wireless networks that we all rely on in our daily lives. Being a part of that is exciting and meaningful and allows me to practice law and help connect our communities with state-of-the-art technology.  I’m proud to be a small part of something so extraordinary.”

Original article posted on Vanguard.